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Gita Saxena

Gita Saxena

Manager - Director's Office
Bajaj Capital Ltd
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Degree that I recommend
I have done MBA in Human Resource and Marketing but need to have short term management courses time to time.
My strongest skill
1) A positive attitude is entirely self-determined and can be helped by accentuating the positives in any situation. Don’t see problems; see solutions. To have Positive Attitude we should love ourself and our work. 2)Self- Presentation, Learning how to present yourself to others is another major aspect of being successful. Good grooming and, in particular, smart attire will project an image of success to other people - before you have even said a word. 3)Time Management Skills, This means overcoming procrastination (which we can all be guilty of at times), setting goals that are challenging (but realistic) and trying to use your time efficiently
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
A person should have Mission, Vision and Goal in his/her life. I can do attitude. A leader should have strong Interpersonal Skills.
My achievements
Achievements builds character and motivates us to succeed. During my 13yrs of professional career I have learnt how to balance your life with work, Family and Friends.
Important decision
Choosing right Person in my life. Working with the best company. Purchase of my own house.
My role model
My Husband who always inspired me to do what I want to do. he repect my decision. He always encourage me to achieve my goals.
Couple of years from now
Want to continue with a positive person who will achieve whatever I want to acheive in life.
Important lesson learned
Always good to people doesn't matter how bad is other person. Have confidence in yourself. Be positive
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Need to change people's mindset education system will automatically change.
Brief description about me
I consider myself as a simple human being who is ready to face the challenges and ready to handle any kind of situation with full confidence.
Ensuring success
Update yourself every time. enhance yor skills. Regular interaction with intelligent and experience people.
My family background
My Dad is ex Navy Official, Mom is House maker with Strong positive attitude. Brother is in Media. Sisters are working proffessionals out of one having her 4 unit of Fitness Center in Mumbai.
More about myself
Never give up, love yourself, spend sometime for only yourself like go to Gym, dance class, arobics class or any similar thing which will make you happy. Health and Money is very important in life never be dependent on any body.
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