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My Introduction
A Bengali from a small town known as Jalpaiguri and married to a Rajput from Rajasthan makes my life interesting as my children are exposed to diverse culture of the East and the far West and we love it.Did my post graduation in English from Kolkata University and joined the Insuarnce Sector in 1987.  During our times a Bengali had to choose to either become a Professor or a doctor or an engineer and I was interested in none. While making some career choices, my husband challenged me into qualifying some competitive examinations and one of them was the examination conducted by General Insuarnce Corporation .The choice of Insurance company was purely  an accident but I enjoy selling Insurance now .
I am also a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of India, CPCU from US and a Chevening Scholar. Currently have been chosen as one of the top 100 women in the Allianz world.
Role I Play in My Company
I work for Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Ltd, which is the second largest private General Insurance Company in India . We write all lines of business starting from a Motor cycle to an aircraft .Currently I am a President in the organization.
Making the Right Career Move During the Journey
Switching from a Public Sector to a Private sector was an important decision and looking back I think it was a good decision. In 2006 my husband was transferred by his employer to the US. It was  tough for me to decide to  either stay back in India or go along with him. I decided to step back in my career and go along with the family to US because I was certain this break of two years will help me bond with my children more than ever. This break has cost me my career growth but the time I spent with my children is invaluable!
My Personal Leadership Vision.
A leader has to be fair at all times and  ensure every team member grows personally and professionally.
The Challenges Faced Being a Woman
When a woman emphasizes a point too hard – she is called aggressive and emotional.To get what you want – you have to ignore what others think and be focused to achieve your Goa.
Ways to Maintain a Healthy Work-life Balance
I don’t think I do it well!!
Have to travel at least 15 days a month and it is 24*7 work schedule which leaves me with very little time for my family.
Sunday is the only day when I am at home with my family and enjoy playing scrabble, cards and Chinese checker.
Starting Over from Scratch, What I Would Like to do Differently
I would have been an entrepreneur and be my own boss!!
“Women leaders are a driving force for powering business” Explain
Personally I feel women have the intuition to know what could go wrong while taking a decision which could be a greater truth than what data could speak. Unfortunately many a times the same gets dismissed as data over powers. Women by nature care for well being of others and  the same applies in an organization.
Learning Process During my Career Days and Achievement Gained.
Always be honest to your customers, colleagues and share holders – it pays in the long run and there is no short cut to success. I firmly believe that by pulling down someone you can not reach the top – work in a team and respect each one’s contribution.
Couple of Years from Now
Should be leading an organization
Career Accomplishment that I am proud of
My reputation as a fair and caring leader
Advice/ suggestions
Just be yourself – you are different and need not be a man !
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