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My Role in the Company
As my interest lies always in art and creative aspects, I help conceptualize and design the jewelry. As a part of this role, I also undertake extensive research online about global trends in jewelry market. I am also equally involved at the creation & aesthetics of production of jewellery. Being engaged in export trade, one has to expand the horizons and always keep oneself abreast about the demand of international buyers. Apart from this I also oversee jewelery production. While my husband, Ambesh, oversees the operations, logistics and financial matters.
Important Career Choices Made
To not sacrifice on time spent with the family, I believe that running an online business is the perfect solution for the modern Indian woman who often finds it a challenge to juggle the responsibilities of both family and work.

Before taking their business online, Ambesh and I sold jewellery in a more traditional fashion - sending samples to interested customers, waiting for their decisions to buy and then receiving payments for goods, often resulting in payments delayed for months. We found that setting up an online store on eBay & PayPal account was easy and convenient, with no hidden costs or sign-up fees, and most importantly it made collecting payments a breeze. Once they set up their store online and integrated PayPal, they never faced the problem of delayed payments again.

When we were operating offline, we had problems with attracting potential buyers, maintaining payment credit cycles, order procurements, travelling expenses and debt notes. Integrating PayPal has helped us to bring more customers to our online stores. The sale conversion ratio with PayPal users is as high as 99%.

Visions as a Leader
As a leader, I envision the immense opportunity that has been provided us to with the advent of e-commerce. Ten years back it would have been hard to imagine exports happening at a click of the mouse. Our goal is to better leverage this opportunity provided by online retail. Our objective is to make a sensitive product like purchasing diamond jewelry online when you may not be able to ensure the authenticity of what you buy.
Doing it Differently
It took me few notes of success to release my true potential and that of online retail. My success has helped me build my self Confidence and esteem . I am also more prudent when it comes to my finances, seeing how e-commerce has enabled acknowledge that what I am today is because of myself. Be confident about what you are and your destiny and the road will lead you to success.
An Opinion: Women Leaders Act as a Driving Force for Powering Businesses.
Women are the pillars of Strength, patience, wisdom & hard work. We can lead hand in hand with other women/men in the kitchen or in the conference room with same zeal.
Lessons Learned from a Professional Life
I strongly believe that it is about making right product available at the right time and at the right place. Our diamonds and jewellery pieces are high-quality but affordable. We found a number of fair-priced courier companies that offer logistical support in delivery. Best of all, eBay and PayPal have enabled us to set up a business online which means we have an opportunity to work together and spend more time at home too with our family. Online commerce enablers like eBay & PayPal provides us with a platform which helps eliminate gender biases for woman entrepreneurs who are in a male-dominated industry. With their assistance we have our sailed our e-retailing journey effortlessly. They are both pioneer in the field and vision of e-retailing & E-payment. It is only because of them that young Entrepreneur couples like us have risen above the locally market to have e-retail to the world.
An Achievement to Feel Proud About
The landscape is India is changing dynamically, with surge of women power in business. We have proved to everyone that we are capable of successfully managing a home and an enterprise. I am glad that I had opportunity to be a part of this. My biggest accomplishment to date is being "Best Mother" & "Best Wife" while fulfilling my dream of my own company, "Best Entrepreneur"
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