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Vilves Kesavamurthy

Global Team Leader for Projects and Consulting Engineering
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Contribution to the field
TRT Global has grown from Australian based to International facing company. The organization empowers and instil Leadership among its employees and encourage lateral thinking and decision making. They build unique strategic model that encourages executive coaching and company wide training.
Often many womens are succumb with family challenges and cultural practises. Many organizations encourage Work Life Balance,gender equality practises and talent capitalization which acts as a stepping stone to improve home economics and personal growth in corporate world.
Challenges faced:
Male Model has been considered superior to women but with the right attitude, skills and strong leadership I manage to overcome this easily. Undertaking MBA helped me to overcome fear and continuous self improvement such as reading and spiritual practises strengthen my inner beliefs and thoughts.
Vision is a series of chain reaction, I envision a team that is productive and strong believer of Maslow Hierarchy; once Self Actualization is achieved they will continue to outperform and shine. Magnanimity helps team bonding and this encourages other to adopt 'Follower-centric' leadership role.
Don't be in comfort zone too long else you will face extreme challenges while trying to move out. Challenge your capability and try out something creatively which will improve the industry and personally. Never stop learning and improving yourself intellectually which is seed for higher horizon.
Initially I faced extreme challenges, I focused too much on my career because I love my job. But I started burning out and missing the fun like others have. I started immersing in spiritual activities and joined fitness club to improve my health. I started photography and writing as part of my hobby
After few years:
I see myself garnering 3-fold success - physically,mentally and spiritually. Be a successful leader in corporate world, a dutiful wife towards my husband and a loving mother for my kid. I would like to follow Leadership qualities that is mentioned in Bhagavad Gita and seriously practise meditation.
Career Decisions:
I was offered to Lead a Team in Australia which means I need to leave my family,But with the positive encouragement from my family I took the offer. Though I'm succumbed to challenges never once I gave up on the decision that I made and still rejoicing over the experience and wisdoms that Im gaining
Opinion on women leaders:
Being a leader means, everyone depends on your decision and follows it strictly. Women should lead with compassion & must be able to share ideas that transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others. Accomplish more than expected & continue to inspire people to shine their potentials to world.
Family Background:
My father's name is M.Kesavamurthy and mother is Arahara Naha Jothi.Both my parents worked in Private Sectors back in Malaysia. I have one elder twin sister K.Vijayeshwarry whom is married, attached to International bank. My fiancee's name is Suresh Kumar attached to Bank and working in Australia.
Attributes of Leadership:
My definition is to lead by example and have followers duplicating your effort to achieve similar goals. I consider myself as democratic/participative leader, My strongest qualities are clear communication , deliver promises and authenticity while disposing my duties with honest and pride.
Achieving Success:
Introduce regulatory or policies for strict Work Life Balance in each country; i.e Sponsored child care. Provide Coaching and mentoring for women whom are struggling to move career ladder. Encourage Business Networking Meetings among women and identify issues to resolve them collaboratively.
Critical situation:
Initial struggle like any other women while entering into marriage life. I learned to focus and de-focus and work with priority to ensure I carry out my duties positively. We need to make crystallised decision and focused problem solving to ensure harmony between both of us.
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