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Reservation for Women in Local Self -Government
Why Reservation for Women in Local Self -Government in india? in such kind of fields like job, politics etc
Asked by Abhilasha Sharma | Mar 31 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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This bill was introduced in 1996 and it aimed to reserve 33% of the seats in the Indian legislature for women.The proponents of the bill claims that increased representation will lead to empowerment of women.But will this really happen? Women elected to the parliament through reservation might not be champions of women's issues.It is heartening to know that all the political parties acknowledge the problems of social evils faced by women but it cannot be affirmed how by having a woman president or a woman Lok Sabha speaker has improved the status of women in India.

Parliamentary reservations will not give the women power to fight social evils like dowry and female infanticides.
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Yes it is a large thinking for reservation for woman in india,
How do we want to empower women? Through reservation in politics? Or some concrete steps in the sector of education and health.
I DONT know whether I will be termed misogynist by the people or not but I strongly feel there is no point in making any law which allows reservation of 33 per cent seats in parliament and state legislatures for women.
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