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Safety Of Women In India
woman is the one, who brings us to life who can sacrifice her life for her family but the question is,
what are we doing to that woman?
Is women Safe in india?
Asked by Aayushi Sinha | Jun 13 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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So true…even after Globalization & developments, women still face discrimination right from birth. If they are not killed in womb, they are denied education, equality, opportunities then married (often without consent). If they get education opportunities then those options are taken away because of so called “Roadside Majnus” harassers. We face discrimination always, sexual harassment in offices, public places. So women are not safe in India..Read this excellent article- What you have to face, if you are born in India -
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yp... the condition is becoming bad to worst...now..india is becoming hell for women.if we see the records..abusal offence facing by a girls...in half of the cases.there is a lack of justice.punishment given to criminals..is nt enough..even law against abusal offence is not enough for these criminal..
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Delhi is still struggling to ensure that women are safe. The biggest question remains, how far have we come in two years?730 days are reasonable to demand answer from the lawmakers. A rigid society will not change overnight. Never. But it is duty of the government to ensure that proper policies are implemented to bring “Ache Din” for the women in the society.http://bit.ly/1vXSEJF
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"No place is as safe as it used to be. Crime happens in cities across the world" Women should carry something that can do temporary damage, something to delay any untoward incident, but not weapons that may kill.“
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I agree with what everyone has been saying here. But I feel that there are so many crimes apart from rape & molestation that are happening against the women in India. There are girls who are abducted through smaller cities and towns, are bought and sold in metropolitan cities. I ask you, isn't that another form of rape in itself?

These pimps and johns lure these young girls and kids to help them earn money and transport them to cities like Delhi and Mumbai where they force them into bonded labour and prostitution.

It's such a pain to even think about the kind of atrocities these women and children go through on a regular basis. I strongly believe the government should stop behaving carelessly towards passing laws and amendments. Rather they must do something strict to stop these crimes like rape, extortion, trafficking, assaults that keep happening around us and save this country from the minute-by-minute torture. Of course, we also need to change our mindset and the patriarchal views that have engulfed Indian mindsets since ages. Hope you'd agree.
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really its very sad to hear the bad condition of women in india being a women its always very bad to hear the growing rape cases really we all should strive very hard to bring womens at the upmost position in the society
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i read newspaper daily in which cases related to women exploitation has been increasing. wht is the reason behind increasing in these cases. today women is more smarter and independent than before. some bad minds people targeting women easily and doing wht they want without any fear. in our country there are many laws has built to save women from these activities but these laws are theoretical and we can't save us by this. we have to take safety measures to save us and to others. we are independent so why not we become stronger to fight with these activities ?
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Trend appears to be disturbing. If criminals get released for their propximity to ruling party,even CM dashing into PS and getting culprits released. Safety of women will soon be history. Wake up peoploe of india
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Women are not safe anywhere in world,Until the thinking toward women doesn't change,Unless the respect towards women doesn't come. The reason,I would blame for women all over the world to erotic movies.These erotic movies should be band all over the world.This is main reason for crime on women.
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if i say than ,dare is no place in the world were u r safe becoz anything can happen in any moment .......but i would say kolkata is the save place for women.....as campare with delhi.....
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No. It is very unsafe, abusing, what not!!! Only the shopping malls and good clubs are safe
Taking Delhi or Kanpur as a reference, Kolkata is a much safer place for women both native and non-native to the city!
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