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Woman leadership positions in religion
Should women be able to hold leadership positions in religion such as bishop, cardinal or mufti?
Asked by Balvinder Sehgal | Apr 4 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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In my life, I have seen nothing about wisdom and enlightenment that ties it to one particular gender.
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t does not matter what you or I think it matters what the Bible"WORD OF GOD" clearly says, the woman was deceived not the man. Women should not hold leadership positions period, the reason men have done such a bad job is because most of the are ungodly,liberal,anti christs or so called christians, either the bible is the bedrock rock of all your decesions or it is just another philosophical piece of trash, make up your mind today and stick with it.
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I don't see why not. Makes little difference to me as I pay no heed to them anyway.

Similar point when Betty Boothroyd was elected speaker of the House Of Commons Dennis Skinner was heard to remark "well if we're going to carry on with these ancient rituals and costumes we may as well have someone that looks good in the tights..
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