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Women’s Rights : Promises and Prospects
THE GOVERNMENT of India has formulated many laws to protect the rights of women who are being ill-treated by their husbands and in-laws. But how many of these laws really help women gain custody of their children and protect their property?
What really constitutes an act of violence against a woman or girl?
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We need to stand for them who are victim of such thing. www.spazada.com
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The recent go ahead by the President on the Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 2013 has made it into a law, giving some respite to those millions of women who've been waiting for justice to be done to them. This new law has increased sentence for rape convicts besides providing strict punishments against offences like acid attacks, stalking and voyeurism. This law also defines trafficking for the first time along with detailed punishment for traffickers. The endless crimes that the Indian women has been subject to since many ages, must be stopped now. The law enforcers need to realize this fact that it's high time when strict actions should be taken against the offenders and none should be freed prior to thorough investigation. India is a country where laws are being passed since a long time now, but it's time for ACTION. The passing of new anti-rape law is one such step taken in the right direction. At least it will extend help those poor and weak, who have continued to face the atrocities and suffered from issues like acid attacks, sexual assault, forced prostitution, servitude and bonded labor. The law includes stringent and rigorous punishments and imprisonment. We stand at juncture where everything depends on strong implementation and quick judgement. Just hoping that this government of ours opens its eyes and ears and begins working towards what it has actually been appointed for.
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Actually women can not gets its real position untill the society changes its view and attitude towards women. In India it was said that womens like goddess but now in many parts she is still treated very badly . Government has given her reservation in politics but what is going on their name only is used , otherwise everything is being done by their husband . They are only the puppets in the hands of their husband . For more please go to http://gyandaata.com/notes/personality-development/yatra-nayastru-pujyate-ramante-tatra-devta/
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Wealthy individuals get away with almost everything; with no questions being asked. There are some women who even use these laws to their advantage and get all that they want from the husband and his family. Again, this also depends on the verdict of the judge. If the verdict is passed in favour of the wrong individual, an appeal has to be made again in a higher court and more money has to be spent.
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why not indian government stop 100% women domestic violence.
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The status of women both in their maternal homes and matrimonial homes is circumscribed by the lack of sexual autonomy and it is this sexual control of women that in turn provides the label for male authority.
everything depends on the verdict of the judge. In case the lady is able to appoint an influential advocate, she may win the case, but this rarely happens. Nowadays, money and muscle power are used to obtain almost anything one desires.
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in one part of the country a law is formulated to safeguard the rights of women even in live-in relationships in another part of the country women are facing physical assaults for being dressed in "western attire." And instead of punishing the perpetrators the issue is being debated on the finer nuances of semantics. That in a sense encapsulates the discourse on women’s rights in the country
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