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Women Leading Business
Right now, more women are acquiring formal education than men. How is it going to have an impact on the business world going forward?
Asked by Hari Ravinder Dixit | Mar 30 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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Being women I believe that the “era” of women forcing their ways and ruling in the man only domains have already started. The world has started noticing the impact women have put on business. We have on our finger tips the names of eminent women personalities who have revolutionized the world of business and those changes are indeed remarkable!!!
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As per my views Educated Women have a better priority of Changing the World. Investing in the Education of Women is the Best Investment in a Country’s Growth and Development. Women are considered to be better learners and managers. They can manage the organization in a more efficient manner than their male counterparts so it is obvious to have a noticeable impact on business.
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