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Women Remuneration
Women work more than men but are paid less, why?
Asked by neha Aggarwal | Jul 20 2012 | Report this Report abuse
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now a days there is equal opportunity for women as well as men.
A woman is having the same degree,same back ground,same years of experience etc same as a man ,will definitely get the same salary as per organizations policies n norms..
But yes,in other side they only earn for the organizational work ,no extra money ever asked to them to serve their family,to take care of their family after same as 9 -10 hours work at office.
that is how they are being paid less than men...
that is also an extra ordinary quality ,which men sometimes ignores..
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I think this is completely ridiculous. Women should get as much money starting out as a man does regardless whether or not she does or does not have children, or any other factor. The thing that should count is that she can do the exact same job as well as a man and that is what they should get paid based upon.
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Yes, I believe there is more to it than just “hours.” Even if women work as many hours as men, there is still a likely chance that they will get earn less than men. Starting in 1964, women only got paid 59 cents of a man’s dollar, and what makes you think that has all changed now. Now, women only make around 76 cents of a man’s dollar. The percent has gone up, but yet it is still uneven. The reasons are numerous; social inequality, sexism, and the fact that the stereotypical women should stay at home. Men think they have some kind of superiority over women, when in reality women are just important, and the fact we get paid less than men, will NEVER change that.
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I’m sorry to disappoint all but if you studied a little bit of biology you would know that nature never creates one sex of the same species inferior to the other – it’s obvious the species won’t survive this way.
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