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Women in Power and Decision-Making
how to define the Women in the Power and Decision-Making ?
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Nearly all experts agree that efforts to address any of the other 11 Areas of Critical Concern to women cannot succeed until women achieve parity in positions of power, leadership, and influence within those areas of concern and in the world generally.

Formal power through political participation is one crucial way in which women can affect their own destinies. As with economic empowerment, women’s access to decision-making positions, political and otherwise, has profound implications not only for gender justice, but for the well-being of entire societies as their talents are brought to bear for the larger good.
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Women are seen by some experts as possessing traits that lend themselves to quality leadership, such as a proclivity for consensus building and less corrupt behavior. However, women seeking leadership roles face significant logistical and financial hurdles. Gender stereotypes play a role as well
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