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Women in the Social Work Profession
Why Women in the Social Work Profession?
Is it good for the country?
Asked by Aarpit Gupta | Apr 4 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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The social work profession has a long-standing commitment to the elimination of
all forms of discrimination against women. It is vital for policymakers to develop a
critical consciousness about gender that enables its ramifications to be made visible
in every issue, in every policy, and in every practice
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yes it does'nt matter for man or women , any one can do better
“Women in the Social Work Profession” policy statement acknowledges the strengths of female social workers while carefully cataloguing inequities and showcasing the efforts the profession and its professional organizations have made toward realizing a vision of equality for women within the social work profession.
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yes am agrre with that because some Women have played a vital role in the social work profession as pioneers and founders, practitioners, policy analysts, educators, theoreticians, researchers, and academicians.
women also experience second-class status in a profession they are said to dominate.
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