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empowerment of women the progress of the nation ,, Your comment please?
without empowerment of women the progress of the nation is not rapid.
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The meaning for women empowerment is to give rights & power to women to come up in life to challenge aginst it.Empowering Women aims to inspire women with the courage to break free from....When and where women are given power they can perform their role effectively, every where. The women empowerment in India is a pre-independence concept. Even during preparation of the Constitution for Independent
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Rapid growth in a nation is just based on their total efforts of men, woman, children etc. Only with co-operation all people a country can obtain the rapid growth of that nation
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ou are right but who will do it?Do u know majority of women are responsible for degradation of women status,unless until they are not aware of their power no body can help.Now a days in every exam girls are doing the best result still women demanding reservation.I'm asking why you are thinking that you need reservation,it proves you are weaker .If a woman is winning in local Sarpanch election she is giving all power to her husband why?So women have to realise their basic problem first.
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