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indian men and foreign women in India
Why do Indian men always stare at foreign women in India?
Asked by Mukul Gosavi | Mar 31 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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Such generalizations are so difficult.
But the traditional ones want a traditional wife. A typical traditional matrimonial ad probably requires someone like this:
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This has been a complaint from many foreign women that visit or work in India. Are Indian men perverts? Have you noticed Pakistanis don't stare at foreigners in Pakistan. Paki's do this regularly. This is a horrible habit of them weather they are in Pakistan or India. Their women folks stay in Purda/ Burka and they stare at White skin. The person they are looking at feels nervous. ...
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depends on whether they are Muslim or Hindu. Hindu women tend to be more liberated, confident and better treated and thought of. Muslim women, less said the better. I have known Hindus and Sikhs and have a great respect for them.In general they are very nice people.
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