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reservation for women in India?
Should there be reservation for women in India?
Asked by Ragin Dwivedi | Apr 4 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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yaaaaaaaaaaaaa women reservation should be there because woman's are doing well in all the sector she is entered in all the areas better than the men's ............ i really agree for this for providing this facility to the women by the government it is interested to see the good computation between women&men
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If you ask me i would say the entire "Reservation issue is only degrading'. It means that woman are inferior to men and need to be taken care of. Ans in my opinion woman are in everyway equal and if not better than men. At the same time when you have brought this topic of 'reservation' i strongly oppose the reservation for SC, ST and the socalled backwardclass. They have reservation available everywhere , even in feilds like education and jobs which should strictly be on a merit basis only.
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Thanks for sharing your innovative thoughts ! Women will be certainly given equal opportunities as given to men, I hope. Fast growing technology, education and time will make your dream true ! I hope that the present condition is better than previous.
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Every nation has a sordid story of women discrimination behind it. No doubt, the position and status of the women of today has imporved quite significantly, however, women continue to suffer in general even now. One example is my own INDIA.
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