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women in political leadership
What social, historical, and/or cultural forces have caused the U.S. to lag behind other countries in terms of number of women in political leadership
Asked by Abhilasha Sharma | Mar 30 2013 | Report this Report abuse
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I think that the US is such an outlier that comparisons to other countries always come up lacking. For example, there is a negative relationship between per capita income and levels of religiosity in a country. But with the US, it seems as if this trend does not apply. Similarly, most developed nations are fairly pro-choice and do not support capital punishment. But here in the US, debates over legalized abortion continue, and many states have the death penalty.
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So, for this question, I would say that the lag is due to the adherence of Judeo-Christian patriarchal values and the worship of success. These two factors reinforce each other. Judeo-Christian values place the man as the head of the family and community. This gives men an advantage in gaining positions of power and wealth. American's worship of success creates a (false) belief that the acquisition of money is an indicator of trustworthiness, intelligence, and overall competence.

We vote for people with money. Our ideology makes it difficult for women to acquire money. So we do not vote for women
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