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3 Major Challenges of Being Self-Employed

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 28, 2013
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Bangalore: Like many young entrepreneurs,  you might be considering  the idea of  being self-employed. Perhaps, you’re also entertaining thoughts of working from home on your own convenient schedule.  Freedom, flexibility and lots more money is probably what you have in mind. However, it is always good to think twice before you make your move on a venture of your own. Here are a few drawbacks that you should consider, and question yourself about in order to help you decide   if you’re  really up for the challenge.  The following points are reported by Jeanne Jennings, Email Marketing Strategy Consultant via clickz.com who actually experienced both: corporate as well as a self-employed career.

Here are a few points to dwell upon before you get set for self-employment:

1.  Stability.

Expect the first year of being self-employed to be somewhat like a financial roller coaster. Although it may feel really good to see all the accumulated revenue initially, you will soon be reminded of all the expenses that you will have to pay and realize that your employees  are possibly earning more than you.   There’s something to be said for being paid on.  One the other hand, there’s something quite comforting about being given a salary.  A stable earning once a month is great for your anxiety!  You won’t have to cope with feelings of uncertainty about where your next buck will come from. 

2. Making Friends.

To be self-employed can sometimes be awfully isolating. There are no jokes, lunch get together’s,  or even brainstorming sessions with co-workers . However, offices provide for much social interaction,  with growing friendships even transcending the office limits. 

3.  Focusing on Your Craft Alone.

Although you may initially  have it in mind to enter business in order to spend plenty of time perfecting yourself with that said field, but note that  you will most of the time feel that  you are learning more about sales, bookkeeping,  and operations.  When you have to juggle between  , selling, hiring, prospecting managing, accounting  as well as improving upon  your craft, the focus isn’t ever going to be one hundred percent.

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