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3 Steps to a Professional Woman's Well-being

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, February 11, 2013
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Bangalore: The challenges that come along with being a woman in a small business environment have been discussed  about to a large extent already.  And often great solutions fro coping with  these  daily difficulties  are sorted by women who face such challenges in their own lives each day. Beatrice Piquer Durand, is no exception. And here are some points worthy of your consideration, to help you lead a more fulfilling life; as reported byhuffingtonpost.co.uk.

Be Flexible: Women working within SMBs can't afford to follow an unsystematic lifestyle when having to cope with both professional  and home life. If you're working full-time, its probable that you'll need external assistance with children or housework. This requires some organization and foresight.
Nevertheless, sometimes even the well thought out  plans are prone to crash. This is where flexibility and plan b comes in to ploy, be it from your own working agenda, or from having family members who are ready to help out in times of  an emergency. A sturdy support network is highly beneficial and can help play down a great deal of strain.

Rise to the occasion and know the material: In the small business world, we are bound to face  some levels of discrimination. But ultimately, its up to you to confront such situation with courage.  And the best way to combat prejudices is to come well prepared to compete. You have  to know what you  should know,  be brave and speak up,  let your voice be heard,  there certainly is a sense of  satisfaction you derive when you choose to offer worthy comments and suggestions at boardroom  meetings.  However, this is particularly challenging in tech start-ups, which often tend to be dominated by  a hierarchy of male counterparts and  who may not be used to strong women.

Get your Game on like an athlete:  Working for a small company can be extremely stressful .You, of course, would have to put up with long working hours.  But in order to keep your family running and also effectively be able to handle your job, maintaining the right habits is absolutely essential.  Be sure to adopt an athlete’s lifestyle. Ensure you eat adequately, get enough sleep, lower down your caffeine intake, and dedicate time to sport. Although the above is easier said (or written) than done, try following about seventy percent  of these guidelines for at least twenty-one days,  and then decide whether you would want to continue with the practice or else.

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