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4 Suggestions to Enliven the Wise Woman within You

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 14, 2013
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Bangalore:  Most of us may well be aware of the manner in which we need to handle our emotional balance at work. Nevertheless, sometimes we tend to feel the need to read up on advice and suggestions in order to reinforce positive attitudes to uphold our careers.  Here’s some true wisdom for women which in its essence spreads just one message:  To deal with circumstances from an intrinsic angle rather than having external situations determine a path for you. Below Dara Pettinelli, managing director of Babble.com, shares her learning of career life, and although, everybody may have varied work experiences, the following advice may resonate with most of us. Here are some of her key points shared via huffingtonpost.com.

1. Notions of success change overtime: At a certain point in life, success may mean the designation you wish to hold, the money you make, and the office you work for and so on. But like other perceptions we have in life, our perception of success will go on to evolve as well. With time, success may not only include the above mentioned qualities but may come to mean more about how the job makes us feel, and how meaningful our duties at work are.

2. Mentors are for life: Everybody goes through phases in which we begin to question our true value and capabilities. When you face such situations, remember that the best way you can get through moments of self-doubt is to draw upon memories of how someone who believed in your potential made you feel, encouraged you and was patient even when you made mistakes. (Preferably a person who you worked with earlier, rather than your parents or partner)  That person's investment of time and belief in you, will give you strength for years.

3. You make a choice everyday: The same rule holds true for interns, CEOs and everyone else in between. You choose to be the intern who is always willing to do the small yet tedious work with a smile or the intern who'd rather moan and groan about working without pay. You choose to be the manager who is supportive, encouraging and just towards your team employees or the one who takes charge through instilling fear in them. And it’s all up to you whether to be the silent listener or be the loudest person in the room. Decide what you think you should be and how you want to make others feel at work: those are the only two things that you truly have control over.

4. Getting sacked doesn’t imply you’ve met with a dead-end: Getting the pink slip can cause you to feel a great sense of dejection. It can potentially well up feelings of worthlessness and a crushing sense of self-defeat.  However, you have got to view such circumstances as mere challenges that you will eventually overcome.  Your job is important but it isn’t everything. Pick yourself back up and realize that such challenges are a test to your individual strength.  There are many incredible people who've lost their jobs but have successfully rebuilt their careers to a greater level than before.

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