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An All Female Executive Team Good for a Start-up?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 8, 2012
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Bangalore: Start-ups headed by lady entrepreneurs are more likely to be successful, an American study finds. Start-ups which included five or more women proved that the majorities (61 %) were successful and 39 percent encountered much struggle in sustaining their business endeavor; as reported by Washingtonpost.com.

 Brooke Salkoff, Chief Executive and entrepreneur of her own Mc-lean based internet company- ‘Campeasy’, has yet another woman beside her on her 4 person executive team. Salkoff’s company founded in January this year assists parents in their search to find camps for their children during holidays. Her company has already begun receiving revenues, but cannot yet be considered profitable, though Salkoff believes it soon will be.

According to Salkoff, most women are innately good thinkers when it comes to strategizing. However, men, she feels fair better in terms of articulating their strategies, explaining why women happen to be a minority in executive positions. Salkoff, says her hiring decisions are certainly not influenced by the gender of the candidates. The vice president of Salkoff’s organization happens to be a woman. Salkoff points out that Campeasy’s vice president was given her position because she adepts at relating well to firm’s target audience- which are mostly female.

“Women do tend to choose their teams very carefully,” says Salkoff, which explains her company’s steady climb up the business ladder.

Whitney Johnson, Rose Park Advisors founding partner is of a different opinion. Johnson believes a company in which there are only female executives  wouldn’t do the business much good. Rather, she claims that the interaction among male and female workers will help take the company in the right direction. “There are different skill sets and gender strengths, because men and women approach the world differently. There’s a little more friction — not everyone’s exactly alike, and there tends to be openness to innovation, If there were all women there, there would be a problem on the other side,” says Whitney.

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