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Are Women Biased Towards Women in the Workplace?

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, January 31, 2012
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Discrimination against women is much said everywhere. But in one of its article, CareerDiva.com says "women are biased towards women". And the article has taken example of American singer-songwriter and actress, Kelly Brianne Clarkson. Reportedly, there are many tweets which criticize her looks as she became fat. The given tweets are asking her to stop singing as she is fat and surprisingly many of the tweets are by women.

It is pointing into the bigger problem where women are biased by women. We have often blamed men for gender bias against women. But, today women seem like the worst offenders and it distracts the fact of how badly men treat them also. Even though, women are biased by men, when it comes to women are biased by women, it has become more disparaging fact.

The main reason for women are biased by women has addressed as "beauty biases". Julie Ragatz, a director at the Center for Ethics in Financial Services at The American College said to CareerDiva, "The real problem with the "beauty bias" is that it systematically discriminates against women who don't have the right genetics, lack the resources to improve their situation or simply aren't interested in conforming to a model of beauty that reinforces racial and ethnic stereotypes while diminishing their chances for self-expression."

Coming to the workplace, many of the today's work providers has certain norms regarding flexible working, parental leave, mentoring and women's networking for ensuring a progressive work environment for women. Though in the mainstream, the gender diversity problems are seen as "solved", there are problems which could not be treated. Talking about the women's network, Elisabeth Kelan, a lecturer in Work and Organisations in the Department of Management at King's College in London remarked to Nydailynews that younger women find it difficult to connect to women's networks in the workplace, because they view these networks as something that belonged to their mother's generation.

The majority of the women employees have an opinion against their women counterparts. In work, they often find it difficult to cope with women co-workers than men.

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