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Communicate Better to Climb Up The Ladder

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, December 3, 2012
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Bangalore: Does the glass ceiling for women really exist, or do women tend to bar their own career growth – or perhaps a bit of both?
During the mid-twentieth century, women had to be dramatic and behave in a manner akin to “attention seekers” in order for their voice to be heard. In fact, Women adopted masculine traits as they presumed that it would help them to grow in their careers. Whether they felt comfortable doing so is a different story. But the essential requirements in businesses today are the feminine strengths; particularly listening, nurturing and creativity.

"I am proud to bring my female traits to my role as entrepreneur."
They say knowledge comes with education but wisdom, through experience alone. For young and aspiring entrepreneurs below are quite a few lessons to learn from the experiences of Naomi Simson , entrepreneur and prominent blogger. You can go through some of her blogs which well worth a read on naomisimson.com.

Speak up for Yourself
Don’t find yourself innately assertive? Nevermind. For most people, assertiveness is a quality that is gradually acquired if one is determined to speak up for themselves. There are many preconceived notions that have passed down through several generations like an inherited disease, we often tend to stereotype boys as aggressive and boisterous and girls as shy and quiet. Even schools do nothing to change such stereotypes but instead drill such notions in to the heads of children as they often tend to discourage girls for being more outgoing.  
Lois Frankel, Ph.D., president of Corporate Coaching International and author of the best-selling book ‘Nice GirlsDon’t Get the Corner Office’, stresses the importance of being assertive in a workplace. “There’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘Excuse me, let me jump in here.”

Avoid Spilling Out Words
Women tend to use more words than men, which could potentially frustrate customers. According to Simson, this is a fundamental gender difference. In business situations try cutting short your usage of words to about 25 per cent in conversations and e-mails and observe the results.
Don’t be too quick to respond to a question, instead take your time  – and structure your words in the most appropriate manner. Pause and say to yourself:  “The three points I wish to cover are…” and stick to those three points. Remember that “Less is more” in any conversation.

Take Home what you’re Worth
Women will take home less salary when offered the same position as a man for fear of being seen as greedy, according to a research by Lisa Barron of the University of California, Irvine. In general, women tend to see themselves in relationship to others; they feel less comfortable promoting their self-interests when it may be detrimental to others. Again, you may decide for yourself if the latter is a generational barrier that will dissolve over time as more women improve their negotiation skills. Frankel notes one should keep in mind that ‘”whatever money you accept will be your baseline for what you do next.” Therefore, don’t let fear decide your economical status.

According to Simson, whether you are male or female, everything is possible and achievable if you only understand WHY you are pursuing it and if you have enough PASSION for achieving the same.

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