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Don't You Think Working Women are the Winners?

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, January 25, 2012   |    8 Comments
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Do you aspire to be a working woman? If yes, then you should definitely know the reasons why you should be working. It has always been a quite debatable topic when it comes to working woman, who struggle to balance their life between work and family. However, many feel that woman after certain point of time should not pursue their career, but it is very necessary for them to concentrate on their career. Listed below are the reasons why woman should have a career.

1. Financial Independence: It is always said that working women are not financially dependent on their spouses and therefore they are less likely to bare the dominance of the male counterpart. In order to buy anything to fulfill their own requirement and the family, they don't have to extend their hands in front of their spouses as a result they enjoy more freedom. Earlier it was seen that woman had to tolerate the tortures of the bread earner of the family, who took advantages of the fact that a woman will look upon him for financial support.

2. Respect: It is always seen that the bread earner of the family is given more priority than the other members of the family. They are given more respect; therefore today's women in order to gain respect should opt for a career. However, it is also seen that if woman starts earning she is given equal treatment as their male counterparts by the family members. On the other hand even after toiling hard for the family most of the housewife fails to earn that respect which she craves for from the family members.

3. Economic Stability: If both husband and wife work, they tend to generate a better lifestyle for themselves as well as their family. The financial stability tends to increase specially during the time of crisis like an economic slowdown; if one loses his/ her job the other is able to extend a helping hand to the family during such adverse scenarios. A woman can also support the family during sudden atrocious situations like accidents or deaths of the bread earner, if she is earning.

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Reader's comments(8)
1: I too accept,but first of all we must be strong enough, to support our own decisions taken @our family positions
Posted by:srilakshmi Devarakonda - 09 Mar, 2012
2: We just can't write that working women are better, as myself being a working lady. Women have to balance both their personal and professional life. Women who are not working are not to be respected? Working is good, but not at the cost of your happiness.
Posted by:Priyanka - 08 Mar, 2012
I whole heartedly support you view. Today's women financially contribute for their family at the cost of their own mental and physical health and peace of mind. Men are always men, they can avoid certain family responsibilities and certain day to day requirements of the children which the women cannot as a mother and a housewife. Forget about the financial independence, as women sacrifice their last bit for the family. We are losing our mental peace and attachment with the kids, forcing ourselves to believe that a job can get us respect and economic stability.
Soma Mallick Replied to: Priyanka - 13 Mar, 2012
4: i agree totally...
Posted by:Swati Shetty - 08 Mar, 2012
5: Agreed....But after some point of time,their mind gets confused with priorities..Men generally dont take care of their family and women has to do it with no choice...How can they balance?
Posted by:Ramya - 08 Mar, 2012
Very True....Could men shoulder dual responsibility of home and office as working women are forced to do???
Men perform hard at office and expect all luxury and rest at home which the woman at home whether working or non working is supposed to provide to the entire family. SO where does a working woman pause, at office or at home?
Soma Mallick Replied to: Ramya - 13 Mar, 2012
7: I am sure about this, working women are much better than the non working ones..
Bindu Rathore
Posted by:Bindu Rathore - 08 Mar, 2012
It's always good to be a financially independant woman.One should depend on his/her ownself and not anyone else for anything in life...whether man or woman!
Sandhya Desai Replied to: Bindu Rathore - 10 Mar, 2012
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