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How Women Can Better Build Their Business Contacts!

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, September 24, 2012
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Bangalore: Building contacts is an absolute must for the success of any business. Whether you happen to be a self employed entrepreneur looking forward to scoop up more clients or a corporate manager, wishing to work your way up the ladder in the company you work at.

Although attending workshops and local events may be a great way to build contacts, building a good business network doesn’t end just there! If you intend to get successful at networking, you have to be on the lookout 24/7. Acquiring   contact details of the parents of your children’s classmates, and gaining the same with someone you happen to cook up a conversation while travelling, will come to your aid eventually; as reported thenextwomen.com.

Research shows that women indeed, differ from men in their approach to business networking. While women may have smaller networks, they tend to have a closer relationship with their contacts as opposed to men. However, when it comes to social media, women out beat men by a wide margin.

A study also notes that women who manage their own businesses tend to have smaller contacts as compared to the opposite sex. Women are also likely to seek advice from their family members as opposed to men who are more likely to seek advice from friends.

So how do we women step up the game when it comes to building our contacts? When we set out to an event, its best we take some effort and not miss out on using a few strategies that would come to our aid in making a good impression as well as further building our business contacts. 

Being a better Listener: Prepare what you would need to say about yourself, so that you can briefly & effectively communicate to the attendants.  Care to listen more to what they have to say and also ask questions, it shows that you are interested and serious about having a business relationship with them. A good idea is to use the 70/30 role, in which you listen for 70% during your conversations.

Business Cards: Make sure you set a goal to collect a certain number of business cards at any event. Asking for a business card in fact lets the person know what you are interested and that you mean business! It perhaps also acts as a sly complement making the other person feel good.

Knowing Them All: At any event, be sure to get a conversation going with the person handling the registration. You then, would have a good chance of gaining access to the speaker and the organizer of the event being held. Lastly, after acquiring the many business cards and other contact details, it can be just human nature to forget who was who! So always remember to write a little about the person on the business card you receive it from, to avoid the undesired situation.

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