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Intel Report- Women Internet Access Essential for Progress among Developing Countries

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 21, 2013
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Bangalore: Tech giant Intel Corp (INTC.O) in a report released last week suggested that an increase in the number of female Internet users will serve highly beneficial especially to all developing countries. The report implies that all developing countries will certainly witness a major spike in economical progress if more women are given access to the internet; as reported by Reuters.

The report, points out to drastic gaps observed in women's access to the Internet in the Middle East, Africa and also other developing parts of the globe.

The report indicated that women are almost twenty-five percent less likely than men have online access in the aforementioned regions. Intel also requested policymakers and technology companies to take up steps which allow accessing the Internet via mobile phones, allowing free mobile content as well as enhancing digital literacy in order to minimize the existing gap.

Surveys and interviews with over two-thousand girls and women focused particularly on these four developing countries: India, Mexico, Egypt and Uganda. The findings concluded that internet access was very much essential for women to earn more money or search for jobs.

"With the powerful capabilities the Internet enables - to connect, to learn, to engage, to increase productivity, and to find opportunities - women's lack of access is giving rise to a second digital divide, one where women and girls risk being left further and further behind," said Melanne Verveer, ambassador for global women's issues at the State Department.

A mere eleven percent of both  men and women in India have access to the  Internet compared to seventy-nine  percent in the U.S, says Shelly Esque, a V.P for the chipmaker and president of its educational foundation.

"Without access to the Internet, women lack access to its tools, resources and opportunities, this gap disadvantages not just women, but their families, communities and countries." The report noted.

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