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Plot and Plan to Push Ahead

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, February 18, 2013
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Bangalore: Running a business, over a long period of time can become a bit of a boring, mundane routine. Most entrepreneurs might start with a bang, but as time carries on interest and enthusiasm may wane or even worse – fizz out altogether. This will make each day of work seem like a drill being blindly carried out. 

However, if you fail to identify yourself with the above description, and think of your mind as something like a creative kitchen that consistently concocts new methods of bringing in the bucks, then consider yourself as a goal driven individual. But being a goal driven individual, doesn’t necessarily guarantee you have it all locked up. Being more realistic and having a systematic approach to goals, is the way to go! Here are a few tips that can help you be more organized with your plans, so that it’s easier to get what you hope for in business; as suggested by Nathalie Lussier via Forbes.com.

1. List it Out.

First, jot down every single thing that you wish to accomplish within this year and beyond. Whether you plan to speak at specific events, write a book, take on a new venture, get a deal with a sponsor, do write/type it all down.
Once you’re done with listing down everything that you can visualize for your company in the next few years, it’s time to prioritize. It helps to have everything documented so that you will be able to see what’s more important to you and what will help in moving your business forward the most within the next year. This brings us to step two:

2. Go by Your Gut.

Sometimes your family members or few of your close and trusted friends may give you some ideas and suggestions that seem brilliant but don’t exactly fit. This prioritizing exercise clearly shows you what ideas don’t match with what you wish to create and achieve.
Doing so will also help you figure out what you want to take on for 2013, and what you can leave aside. Choose not to simply go about taking on other people’s feedback without first checking in with yourself.

3. Use a Calendar.

Now it’s time to choose those things that are of uppermost priority for you and your organization and fit them into your calendar. Lussier suggests that it’s best to do this with an outsized wall calendar, so that you will be able to view all the months at a glance.
Schedule each of the projects that you wish to take on, month by month. Be sure that you are realistic about what you will be able to achieve in a given month and what are the steps it involves.

By using a calendar, you tend not  to overbook yourself or your team. It’s easy to say that your organization can achieve fifteen  different tasks in a month, but when you’re actually look close  at the number of days in a month and the number of months in a year, you realize that you will need be more realistic — an essential part of the process.

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