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Professions To Help You Swish Through A Midlife Crisis

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, November 27, 2012
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Bangalore: A recent study from LinkedIn has it that girls are less likely to wind up in their dream jobs, as compared to their male counterparts. The study made its observations on US men and women concluding that only 23.8 % of women find themselves in their dream careers, while 33.6% of men are either working in their dream job or a closely related career; as reported by Laura Vandercam via cbsnews.com.

While that may be true, who says that you have to stick to your current profession throughout your life, especially if it doesn’t fulfill your needs?  As time passes, we constantly create new hopes and dreams, therefore, it’s only natural that you seek out new options to manifest your potential in an appropriate field that allows you to express yourself and satisfy your needs at your current age, and also allows you see that you have a lot more to offer in life. Below is a list of professions comprising of the top careers for women in their forties and that is  based on flexibility and  room to expand, which comes courtesy via thirdage.com.

Administrator (Education)
This field includes quite a few positions at all school levels including principal or vice principal, dean of students. A background in education accompanied with managerial savvy is perfect for the aforementioned roles. Be sure to think about which age group you’d work best with, whether your capabilities and interests are appropriate for elementary school children or better suited for college students. Requirements: To fit the bill for this role a master's degree is mandatory. If not, you will need to have teaching or related experience.

Program Director (Community Service)
Feel the urge to give back to the community? This position not only puts you in a managerial role, but also places you at the center of a growing field. If you are gifted with leadership qualities and your organizational skills are only matched with compassion, this may well be the perfect choice for you. Requirements: Includes a BA degree and any past volunteer work would be the cherry on the cake.

Accounting (Every industry)
Did you know that accounting is arguably one of the more flexible professions a person can have? Accountants can grant themselves the freedom to work freelance or part-time due to their demand across varied industries. The accounting field is also reportedly set to witness a significant surge within a short span of time. Requirements: Completion of the CA exams will be necessary.

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