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Smart Women Know What Interviewers Want to Know

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, February 11, 2013
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Bangalore: Getting through interviews seems like one mega challenge today. Interviewers often put candidates through hurdles of twisted questions to seek out authentic details. Do you know how to pick up clues on what they actually wish to infer from you?

“On the other side of the desk, hiring managers spend countless long hours interviewing candidate after candidate, a tricky question may be used as a time management tool to quickly eliminate a less qualified candidate.” says Joyce Kennedy, author of Job Interviews for Dummies. Here are four of the most common questions designed to trick you; as outlined by Joyce Kennedy and reported by Jenna Goudreau via Forbes.com.

 If employed, how do you manage time for interviews?
According to Kennedy, “The real question is whether you are lying to and short-changing your current employer while looking for other work”. The interviewer is more likely to consider your move as being disloyal and may also wonder at running the risk of you doing the same in the future with the company. She advises by placing the stress on why you’re firstly interested in the position by also saying you’re using personal time and that you only interview for positions that make an excellent match.

How did you prepare for this interview?
The reason behind an interviewer asking such a question is primarily to be able to interpret how much you really care about the job. Kennedy notes that the best way to respond is by saying, “I very much want this job, and of course researched it starting with the company website.”  Once you’ve done this, you can go on to reveal more knowledge you already possess on the industry, company or department by putting forth informed questions as well as commenting upon recent developments.

Where would you really like to work?
 “The real agenda for this question is assurance that you aren’t applying to every job opening in sight,” notes Kennedy. She cautions to never mention another organization by name or another job title because the key is for you to highlight all the reasons to why you’re a perfect fit for this job and that you’ll work with all your passion if achieved. A good answer would be: “This is where I want to work, and this job is what I want to do.”

Can you describe how you solved a work or school problem?
This really isn’t a trick question; in fact, it’s one you should always expect. However, very often interviewees aren’t able to come up with an appropriate answer on the spot and in turn miss the opportunity to underscore their best skills. Kennedy Implies that the interviewer is basically looking out for insight as to how your mind functions. Have an answer ready, one in which you can inform the interviewer on how you successfully solved time management issues to take on a complex project. Be sure to prepare yourself with answers that highlight your accomplishment.

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