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The Essential Ingredients that Make a Top Woman Leader

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 28, 2013
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Bangalore: Accomplished women often credit luck for their success in life, but a lot  more goes in to  the making of a women leader than mere luck. So what are the characteristics that often define lady leaders? Recently,  Ekaterina Walter, Social media innovator at Intel, speaker, interviewed  a few successful women entrepreneurs, to determine   the essential ingredients they thought went into making the best women leaders. Here’s what they had to say, as reported via Huffingtonpost.com.

1. On Being a Nurturer
"In the past women have been condemned for being 'soft' or being 'nurturers'",  notes Dawniel Winningham, performance coach and best-selling author who works with budding women leaders across the United States. "I think our nurturing spirit is often confused with being lackadaisical or an inability to hold people accountable which is not the case. I think being a nurturer, having a sense of being fair and just, and use of our women's intuition are some of our strongest traits."

2. Doing the Needful
When asked if she could look back in time and convey a message to her younger self, Shannon Sennefelder , an entrepreneur -- said she would tell herself to be  more concerned about her health. "That's a huge one. Had I really understood the value of self care earlier, I would have done things a lot differently."
One of the things many women professional sideline, but good leaders understand is how  essential it is to achieve balance in their lives. Sennefelder adds, "Women in general have a belief that self care is selfish! Nope! It is like breathing -- vital to our survival."

3. Visualize
 Not only does a good leader require to have expertise in her industry, but it’s vital for a leader to also visualize the bigger picture, and understand their role within a wider spectrum.

Patti Johnson, founder & CEO of PeopleResults, an HR consulting firm, agrees that the most significant quality of a leader is having a vision of the future. "I think the best qualities in (women) leaders are that they inspire trust, they can paint a picture of the future and they can lead others through change,” notes Johnson.

"We can create these qualities in women by getting them into the right jobs, giving them access to mentors and coaches who can accelerate their progress and encourage them to take ownership for their own career. No one can do it for you." she adds.

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