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Things You Should Know Before Taking the Plunge in to Tech

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 28, 2013
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Bangalore: Working in the tech industry is simply splendid. You’re given the opportunity to build on the future each day. Despite what you might think considering the dearth of females in the tech sector, it’s a great place for women to work, says Nora Mullaney, Software Engineer at Facebook.  Here we see why, as Mullaney reported via Forbes.com.

•    The pay is more than satisfactory (at least for software engineers).

•    Tech related jobs tend to be fairly flexible, in terms of  when  you work.

•    It isn’t by any means a challenge to work from remote locations.

Yet another pleasant aspect about working in tech is that it’s quite easy to merge in tech with your other passions. If you have an interest in music, biology or sports, you are likely to even find a tech organization that’s working in that process.

Some Advice:

•    The best way to become skilled in the tech field is to go ahead and build things, so do that as much as possible in order to grow.

•    It’s understandable if you’re intimidated by those who seem to be more knowledgeable than you are.  But you should realize that it’s very easy to talk in tech lingo making someone  seem intelligent.  Don’t feel ignorant asking about questions you don’t understand. If the person you ask won’t explain, it’s more likely that she/he doesn’t actually understand.

•   Unfortunately, you are likely to encounter some sexism. Don’t let that bring you down. One of the best aspects with engineering is that you can generally express that an idea is better by building it. Don’t be afraid to ignore naysayers and just go for it.

•    Be sure to make proper choices concerning the organization you want to join. They may substantially differ with the manner in how things are run.  Web companies are enjoyable to work with,  as they typically have a very fast release cycle.  As always, the most important factor that should drive you  is to work on something that you’re  passionate about.

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