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Why Ad Tech Needs More Women Employees

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, February 11, 2013
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Bangalore: Ad tech is an industry for digital advertising, technology conference and exhibitions for the interactive marketing profession. This particular industry offers a base ground to the digital marketers for advertising. This profession is an active arena which offers a lot to the entrepreneurs and gives innovative ideas the right push in the right direction, hence inviting a lot of inventive employees to work for the industry. But despite the entire buzz surrounding it, seems like there is a lack of female employees in number as well as the hierarchy of posts. The higher the lineage goes, the lesser the number of females holding key posts in this industry.

This industry requires engineers and computer professionals. The trend in the recent past indicates that there are lesser number of females taking up technical courses like engineering or computing, contrary to the opposite sex. Thus the industry itself is not the main reason for little strength of female employees, but a need of drive to the technological fields. The lack of female professionals in these fields, leads to the fewer numbers this industry has as female employees. And because the industry already has less number of females working, clearly this results in a male specific bias over the superior ranks and posts.

Denise Colella , President at Maxifier states on imediaconnection.com that this industry provides a fertile ground for start ups, thus the amount of time invested and commitment involved is much higher than the pre established industries. This directly affects the female employees as they have to sustain a healthy family life and have to provide an ample maternal and feminine touch to the family. So the demands of this industry counter strike the biological duties of a female. Now this becomes a mental dilemma for women. As to what should take priority, work or home? What a female should understand is the balance; it seems difficult but is not unattainable. There are several solutions to this particular problem such as lessening the work hours and making those hours more productive. There is no direct relationship between work hours and productivity. It is not relevant that the amount of time is directly proportional to productivity. The whole idea of work is not always competing with male colleagues in terms of hours, but the output which can be as yielding as opposed to the longer hours put in. This extra amount of time saved can be utilized for some family time, research or keeping updated , thus enhancing one’s performance.

Another important point here is to make the work environment your own. If a female employee reached a superior post, rather than camouflaging in the male dominant environment, one should highlight the skills which made one different and brings a change in the business. There is no point being burdened by the self inflicting notions of trying to fit in the male group, instead what is important is rather making one’s identity and shining the skills which are valuable.

Another important suggestion is to be outspoken about your aspirations. Let the managerial heads have a fair idea of what you aim to achieve and what you are capable of. Let the boss not have an opinion that as an employee, you would not want extra burden or dependability. The key to this situation is to show the enthusiasm, be elated to take up the responsibility and be an active member.

When it comes to technology, not everybody is well versed with the jargons, the technological terms or latest happenings. If one does not understand or does not know anything, there is no harm in asking your colleagues or experts in that field. Better ask, if not the false pretence will only lead to self mockery in a work environment.

Women in the ad tech industry will only be a boon, as they are considered to be more organizational and bring in flexibility in the heavy work environment.  Empathizing with other women entrants in the industry help the new women employees work efficiently and thus increasing the stability of a woman in this industry. Women in the leadership posts are also seen as mentors for the other women, aspiring the same.  The women work force brings in a lot of different skills then man and serves the organization, thus women force is as mandatory as men. Women should not feel discouraged and should aim for the management opportunities.

The ad tech industry offers a lot of opportunities to men as well as women, but women should be upfront to avail it, and in return prove advantageous to the industry. The major benefit of this industry is the dynamism it offers at the work place; then why women should not participate and avail the opportunities the industry offers.  Women work force is vital and as valuable as the male work force. Let the female employees benefit from the industry and the industry benefit from them.
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