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Why Playing Politics can be Critical in a Woman's Career Advancement

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, January 21, 2013   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Sometimes, even high achieving women face defeat, as a less deserving candidate is given a promotion. The reason may be simple: pure politics. However, we need to understand that politics exists practically within every working environment. And therefore, instead of neglecting it we ought to go with the flow, by becoming better at it. Playing politics in an organization is critical to advancement in an individual’s career. Here are a few eye-openers to how playing the game will benefit you as commented by Bonnie Marcus, via forbes.com.

1. Don’t shy away from the politics at Work: As women are more likely to depend on traditional ways to access information within the company, we often come to learn of things a bit too late. Men on the other hand, tend to use their informal networks to gain insight of the most current information. They have no problem playing politics, trading favors, and working the system to their advantage.

2. Become pally with those that wield influence and power within the company: Dedicate some time to networking within your organization and letting the others know what you’ve achieved and be sure to also let them know you’re driven. Without marketing yourself and incorporating some smart networking, we tend to remain unnoticed and thereby lessen our chances of attaining leadership roles.

3. Mentors and sponsors can clear the way for career advancement and lobby on your behalf: Got anyone to assist you in getting some of the high profile assignments in your work place? Research clearly indicates that sponsorship plays a big role in the career advancement of each individual. Only forty-eight percent of women employees credit personal connections for their most recent promotion. While eighty-three percent of men directly claim their promotion to be stemming out from sponsorship and/or networking. In fact, women don’t feel comfortable using personal connections to get ahead and that seems to act as a barrier for leveraging relationships that will help them climb their career ladder.

4. You don’t always get promotions by your efficiency alone: Presuming that people know about your accomplishments, can set you up to fail. Create credibility as well as visibility for yourself  throughout your company so that the key people come to understand your value proposition.

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1: pathetic article. may be real but sucks.
Posted by:asha - 04 Feb, 2013
2: good news...shall be in touch more frequently...hope to meet all these lovely successful women, one day or the other.
Posted by:Nirmala - 21 Jan, 2013
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