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Women Perform Better Than Men at Job Interviews

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, March 7, 2012
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Bangalore: Even though women get more stressed out about the job interviewing, researchers say that she can perform better than their male counterpart during the interview as she has the ability to handle the stress better than men, reports Asian News International [ANI].
A research was conducted on who handles the job interview stress better by three university of Western Ontario researchers.
Justin Feeney, a Doctoral student who participated on the research team said that their team conducted two different studies, reported Business News Daily. Along with Feeney, Julie McCarthy, a professor at the Rotman School of Management and Richard Goffin, professor of industrial psychology at University of Western Ontario, were the other two researchers who researched on this topic.
According to the researchers, they found out that, though women experienced more interview anxiety than men, their anxiety didn't affect their performance as it affects the men.
This fact developed the curiosity in the researchers to look further into how there was a difference between men and women at the time of interviews. So, to find out the hidden truth, the researchers conducted simulated interviews on more than 400 students in the University to assess the coping mechanisms on which the students engaged.
During the research, the researchers tailored an instrument that could measure the coping styles of men and women in interviews and through that measurement they found that the women adapted more proactively than men at the interviews.
Fenney explained the secret behind this proactive attitude as that the women would always do things like seek social support from loved ones like friends, family and colleagues about their anxiety and with their help and guidance they would do practical things like practicing on mock interviews in front of their friends.
On the other hand, when it came to men, they reacted with more maladaptive coping strategies and they would ignore practicing by watching TV and by doing other things that relieved their stress. This habit affected their poor performance during the interview.
Although the findings of this research can help the interviewees, Feeney also suggests that the research may help the businesses which are planning to hire. Feeney has warned the businesses not to just simply look to the interview as the ultimate predictor of future success or failure. He suggests all the candidates to practice mock interviews as it can improve your self-efficiency.

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