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Women More Excited About Tablets!

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, January 31, 2012
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Women in 40's dominates the tablet consumers market by having 60 percent participation in all the major segments. This interesting fact was revealed by Maritz Research who conducted a holiday tablet poll survey in November which categorized the whole market into four types based on the responses; low-end buyers, newcomers, single-minded buyers, and tablet-committed buyers. This information provided a whole new window for the tablet makers to make their product more customized according to the customer preferences.

Maritz's demographic distribution of each segment is as below:

*Single-minded buyers (21 percent): 60 percent female, average age is 41. iPad-only. Little familiarity with other brands, 78 percent purchasing the Apple iPad. 40 percent make purchase decision within two weeks.

*Tablet-committed buyers (44 percent): 56 percent male, average age is 38. Highly aware of three or more brands, open to purchasing any brand. 58 percent purchasing iPad. 34 percent make purchase decision within two weeks.

*Newcomers (13 percent): 60 percent female, average age is 46 and 29 percent over 55. Know Tablet brand names, but nothing else. 58 percent purchasing the iPad. 28 percent purchase within two weeks.

*Low-end buyers (22 percent): 54 percent women, average age is 41, buy tablets based on price, want to spend less than $250, 45 percent purchasing the Amazon Kindle Fire, 39 percent make purchase decision within two weeks.

The analysis also reveals "6.2 percent of consumers have purchased a tablet in the past 3 months and 6.8% intend to purchase one in the next 3 months, with a projected 10 percent increase in sales. Also, most consumers fall in the tablet-committed buyers category with its slight male majority".

"Based on purchase profiles, we can conclude there is definitely room for non-iPad brands to capture market share," said Michael Allenson, senior strategic consulting director of the Technology/Telecom Research Group at Maritz Research.

The whole study exposed one more feature about the tablet market according to Maritz "even though Apple iPad is the clear winner among brands for necomers, single-minded buyers and tablet-committed buyers. The Amazon Kindle Fire, however,leads for low-end buyers with 45 percent, which indicates that most consumers are willing to consider brands other than the iPad."

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