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Women Much More Hardcore Than Men at Work

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 8, 2012
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Bangalore: There’s a new reason for women to take pride in themselves. According to a survey conducted by career site-‘ the Fit’ which interviewed   five-thousand U.S workers, it was shown that women are hard workers and also content with their earnings as compared to the their male counterparts.

The survey reported that 54% of the women work at least nine hours a day while about 41% of men report doing the same. The study also found that sixty-five percent of the women do some amount of work even on their vacations. The majority of the women surveyed also were open to working on vacations (67%).

What causes the significant difference between male and female work patterns? According to a study conducted at the Michigan State University, anxious women seemed to work harder than men in similar stress inducing circumstances, another study reports that women are about sixty percent more likely to incur an anxiety disorder, as reported by cbsnews.com.

Looking on the Brightside of the subject once again when it comes to a more positive outlook regarding compensation and salaries, women out do men. 26% of men said their friends would feel bad for them if they only knew how much they made, as compared to seventeen percent of the women. This shows that most women are open and hence don’t feel the pinch to disclose matters concerning affairs pertaining to the money and power they posses.

And finally, how honest are women as compared to men? It turns out that women are actually more honest than men, but only slightly. An astonishing eighty-four percent of the women reported that they were in fact ill or had to take care of a sick child, when they last opted for a sick leave. However, one in every seven women lies, when it comes to their most recent sick leave. Reason being that they were suffering from hangovers, attending other job interviews among the many excuses they reported to the survey. 

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