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Women Tongue-Tied in Meetings?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, October 1, 2012   |    1 Comments
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Bangalore: A recent finding has come to prove that women are often at a loss of words in meetings in which decisions have to be made. While women tend to speak nearly three times more than men on an average basis each day, they speak about 25% lesser than their male counterparts in meetings; researchers at Princeton University & Brigham Young University have found in a study( as reported by lifeinc.today.com).

 The reason? When women find themselves to be a minority in meetings, they tend to keep their opinions to themselves, however the same isn’t true for the opposite sex; as published in the states an American Political science review.

And the consequence? Women who can’t seem to air out their opinions, could be seen as followers rather that leader material. Group members who had much to say were seen as influential, as reported by the study.

“In school boards, governing boards of organizations and firms, and legislative committees, women are often a minority of members, and the group uses majority rule to make its decisions,” said study co-author Tali Mendelberg of Princeton University. “These settings will produce a dramatic inequality in women’s floor time and in many other ways. Women are less likely to be viewed and to view themselves as influential in the group and to feel that their voice is heard.”

The study also finds that there are certain conditions in which women feel comfortable to voice out their views and opinions. The first being, that if women form the majority, they indeed are likely to assume leadership roles and hence make the required decisions. The other circumstance being: the making of a unanimous decision. Women understand that every one’s vote in making a unanimous decision is equally important. Hence this makes women speak out their opinions, as it makes them feel like they areir contributing to the overall effort made by the group.

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1: perfectly true Women tend to get tongue tied 'cos of the superior attitude projected by the men in the group specially their bosses even when they say something the bosses wii make it sound wrong and many a time they are insulted in front of the client
Posted by:latha menon - 29 Oct, 2012
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