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Tanuja Abburi

Tanuja Abburi

– Human
up, an NTT
The Journey: Early Days to How I Got Here
I work as a Director, Global HR at Intelligroup. Im a Management Graduate from Andhra University and have 14+ yrs of experience. Prior to Intelligroup, I have worked with Bank of America where I was responsible for the leadership hiring of its Indian organizations. I have been associated with companies like Bank of America, Smithkline Beecham. I worked in the areas of Performance Management, Learning and Development and Talent Acquisition.

Insight of My Company and the Role I Play in it
Intelligroup, an NTT Data Company, is a global provider of innovative consulting, technology, and outsourcing services. Our services are broad based and include business process improvement, analytical services, ERP implementations, global roll-outs, E-business solutions, upgrades, testing, as well as application management, and infrastructure support.
Currently, I partner with business heads to bring in strategic focus and direction for engagement, development and branding initiatives of the company.

Decisions That Mattered
As a leader one makes many tough decisions thru their career. A few of such decisions are the "crucial moments." And not all these moments have a positive ending and most vital learning experiences come from our failures, not our successes. Some of these decisions relate to challenge in making career choice, or finding new business opportunity, or deciding to let go of a people or project. Sometimes one doesnt know if its your crucial moment until you look back over your entire career or life span. And many times one just knows it immediately because its a result of a critical situation or some enormous success. And if the risks are greater than the rewards are ever greater and is a true test for ones ability and potential to decision making taking risks.

My Vision as a Leader
I believe in Inside-Outside strategy; we dont just align ourselves internally but bring in best practices & learning from industry experts to the organizations; We also align ourselves to the client organizations to cater to employee development.

Resolving Challenges Faced as a Women
Most of the time, when we hire freshers in the organization, the ratio of diversity is equal and over the years this ratio kind of inclines towards male associates. The gap rises from 40-60 to 2-98 at the leadership level. This phenomenon is true across industry not just at my organization. We need to put forth policies which help women sustain their careers and make it to the top.

Work - life Balance
Some days I just feel they pay me so much to just have fun/I have some much time in hand that the organization is paying me to have fun..and on other days any amount of pay cant justify the amount of work and the stress I go through.
On an average, life is good.

Starting Over from Scratch, What I Would Like to do Differently
None. Love every bit of what I am today and what I had in the past.

Women Leaders: Driving Force for Powering Business
Play the role of balancing, EQ and different perspective to workplace and to leadership.

My Learning Along the Way

  • Learning from ones mistakes early in life
  • •There is no shortcut one need to continue to do what they do and its a long haul.
  • Never stop learning

Two Years Down the Line

  • Contribute to the HR fraternity in more holistic way, add more bring more collaboration
  • Create more leaders within the organization
  • HR for HR, People having minimum dependency on HR and enabling people to take their own decisions.

An Accomplishment You are Most Proud of?
Just being able to be myself and calling the shots

To have perseverance and determination to continue to follow their heart. And not give up in between.

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