Gunjan is a mother of two,who works at Microsoft IDC. She...">

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Gunjan Sethi

Gunjan Sethi

Developer, Microsoft IDC
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Gunjan is a mother of two,who works at Microsoft IDC. She has been working there for five years, and, cansay, managing a decent work-life balance. Not been easy, some would say - twokids, a writing and reading hobby, two pregnancies and two pregnancy weightloss regimes, follow a Buddhism philosophy (which by the way expects daily andI mean daily commitments), while working for one of the best (and not alwaysthe easiest) companies. In the last five years, she has lost 20 kgs (twice), gottwo promotions, read a lot, written a bit, got appreciations from my kids’teachers, started on a path of being a better person, had a few amazing familyand non-family ‘girlfriends’ vacations, and all in all managed to keep mysanity. She wants it all(‘Me’ is very important for me), but she isthe most laid back(in attitude) person around.
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