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Positivism: Life Saving Dose for Every Woman

Dr. Monika Suri
Dr. Monika Suri
Asst Prof, Amity Inst of Psychology & Allied Sciences, BS Programme Coordinator, Amity University
Monika has 15  years experience in corporate, teaching and training in the field of manageme... more>>
God has created every Woman as Born Multi-Tasker and I personally feel that Multi-Skilling is the strength of every woman. Positivism and Happiness are the important key ingredients to make life dish sweet and tasty. The Strength of Optimism plays a very important role as a life saving drug to lay a strong and unshaken foundation to Women existence at all fronts which is more than an average life.  The Internal and External Positivism is again need to be studied for understanding the real cause of happiness of Modern Day Women.

In today’s Challenging world, Emotional and Mental anatomy of Women Professionals need immediate attention which is Important Parameter to enhance Positivism and further Profits in Business.Overcoming challenges is the genetic strength of every women .We speak about e-commerce and e- business in today’s diverse world .But I must say that this is an era of e-skilling and e-tasking which women is doing at both the fronts Business & Workplace.  God has gifted Men, our Co-Partners with physical strength genetically and biologically which makes them unique, in the same manner God has gifted every woman with an emotional and spiritual strength which makes them very special at both fronts that is business and workplace.  In today’s Global Environment, the synergy and balance between Heart and Mind i.e., emotions & intelligence is the need of the hour. Gandhi Ji the Father of our Nation quoted, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Being an epitome of Balance between heart and mind, it is very easy for women professional to make place in every heart and to make space in every lot. They Maintain and Sustain very well with the help of two key traits:  willpower and patience which is the prerequisites for today’s Global Professional for their Personal and Professional Development and sustainability. Belongingness for team and for organization is very high in women because of their emotional stability and emotional maturity in their personalities that give them spiritual strength from within to successfully face and overcome challenges at workplace and business.

Thus most important is self education and self empowerment of the women though proper education, sensitization by peers and also family support and inner strength plays a very vital role in the holistic personality transformation. The support from co-partners, peers and family together helps in uplifting   the status of women professionals at workplace to get the desired fruits for organization. Positivism works as a life saving drug in the life of women in all spheres of life, family, business & workplace.

Socio-environmental factors play a very important role in enhancing positivism which is the driving force for happy, healthy and peaceful living and also to increase the profitability at workplace by maintaining harmonious relationships among all levels. Many diseases are popping up on the blink of eye because of lack of positivism. So what is more moral for women professionals; to be pessimistic and invite life killing diseases or to hold on to the law of positivism as a moral stance (Posture) – and live healthy happy and quality life for the sake of self and organization?

The combination of spiritual beauty and physical beauty plays a magical role in the life of every woman professional at workplace and business for bringing high achievements and high profits for everyone at workplace and   for organization as a whole.

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