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The Making of a dynamic women leader

Kritika Dasgupta
Kritika Dasgupta
Head Corporate Relations & Placements Sr. Lecture & Sr. Manager CRC, Amity Business School
Kritika is an MBA in the field of Finance Management /Management Information System. She has Corp... more>>
As I started to pen down, I went into my past memories, my college’s day’s .Trying to figure as to what made me a professional. What challenges I faced in my 10 years of career and how I managed to overcome them.

As I came from middle class family, where our parents instill moral values and always knock us that we have to do some thing in life. I being the eldest daughter in our family, a bright student good at cooking, loved to do home chores, so sense of responsibility came from my family. My father was my greatest source of inspiration as he always said that I know she is going to do some thing good in life. He is no more but; his words will always be a source of inspiration for me.

Today what I am the credit goes to my family. My father never stopped me in whatever I wanted to do. I said “I wanted to do MBA; he was Ok but not away from home. I got seat in Rewa, he said its small place and away from your parents; for which I had to convenience him.  When I proceeded for my MBA I remember my father saying- “You have to be figure among cyphers” These words always stroked my mind, I was committed and continued to do my best which made me achieve second position in my University.

I drew inspiration from my father & my first boss. I wanted to be a dynamic leader. I was committed & responsible in whatever I did. Moreover staying in hostel, had inculcated in me the sense of responsibility for my endeavors, helped me to take decision independently and taught me discipline and sense of belonging.

After my MBA, I came to Delhi started my career as counselor as there was slowdown in the year 2000 when I passed. ‘No Jobs’. I was bit frustrated  as after MBA I am doing  counseling  but slowly  started loving my work, had determination and was dedicated. I started taking coaching after office along with my counseling, took the initiative and started working for placements of MBA students, started going out for companies visits, meeting people and socializing.

I realized that once a student gets a job it gives him/her and the whole family a great pleasure and I was really happy doing this as I felt this is a great work and in turn started getting happiness and satisfaction in my work. I enjoyed doing this work & made it my profession.

I am now working as General Manager – Corporate Relations at Amity. It requires a lot of patience follow-up, determination and go –getter attitude. My work is of challenges everyday & I feel like doing something new. I feel like adding value to my organization and to the people whom I worked with .I am workaholic person.

Leaders are born or made, I feel it is combination of both .You have to have basic instinct and an image to do some thing different in life. The 5 traits that make a dynamic women leader are:

•    Passion
•    Hard work
•    Self Motivation
•    High energy level
•    Determination & Commitment

In the coming future India would be having maximum youth professionals between the age group of 25- 40 years, the growth of women would be limited as their decisions are backed by family limitations; so they would be more suited for back end jobs rather than vocational trade which has a wider scope in the times to come. Moreover, it is looked at, as if it is only women who have the responsibility of raising the family and managing the home chores in our Indian society which hampers her growth up to certain extent. We talk of equality between genders but even when it comes to work place there are many jobs which are assigned keeping in mind the limitations faced by women, which is not in case of countries like Germany where equality seems more visible. Besides, society needs to look into these issues more pragmatically so that women potential can be utilized for the growth of India in a true sense.

Women who make dynamic leaders are one who unlike men base careers off of a salary but they are passionate and they choose a career path of their choice. Unless you love your work and have the passion to do something in life you can’t be successful. So be passionate & love your work have the passion to do something new and better everyday.

I feel there is no substitute to hard work. If you are hard worker it is visible to every one and your work speaks about you. Women are better leaders as they give their best in whatever they do. As said in the kitchen if they are preparing a dish they know the right choice of the spices and quantity of each to be added. In the same way at work they know what to tap, when women give their best in whatever they do as feeling of achievement is there.

In today’s world there is a lot of stress at workplace or at home .We need to be self motivated in what we are doing as leaders are not to be told what to do but they perform on their own. Women have the capacity to experience emotions which they can use as a strength as they more connected to the people not only professionally but a bonding gets created which helps accelerate their growth.

As a leader you need to gel with people you work, as you are always surrounded by youngsters your thinking process is always ‘ON’ sharing of knowledge and exchanging ideas, helps you to work better and gain rich experience. However, it is at times challenging as you have to stay back late in office but with the support of my husband  and management I manage to do so .If you are committed ,dedicated ,have the ability and your priorities are defined you can go along way.

Women have another challenge to maintain Work life Balance as we want to give our best to both our family and at work. Another challenge which I face is that I am unable to give ample time to my kids, but trying to give them after office taking them to park; buying them gifts we try to balance it for our satisfaction to see happiness on their face.

At hard times it is the support of management and spouse that helps to sail through .I also feel that at times there are colleagues who try to pull you down but you need to have your goal set & work towards it .I am a learner and always aspire to gain knowledge. I have worked from the grassroots level and I am happy to share: It is only hard work & hard works that pays.

I am proud to be a Women Professional and will continuously strive to excel in life to be best in spite of all limitations we face.  

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