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Watch Out! It can be a Dead End Ahead!!!

Pallavi Menon
Pallavi Menon
Regional HR Manager - South, Ricoh India
Pallavi is an HR professional with more than 7yrs of experience in HR & Sales. With an M.B.A.... more>>

We are surrounded by situations and factors which can anytime turn into big hurdles to our dreams. It ranges from age issues, educational requirements, attitudinal mismatches, bad bosses, work-related stress to much deeper concerns like demotivate, frustration and lack of interest.

"Passion is the genesis of the genius & the successful."
The lack of passion towards what one does, is the background for all the roadblocks one can come across in ones career. When you accept complacency, do not challenge yourself, stray away from taking initiatives, it is a self-created hurdle ahead. So, just ask yourself- Do you wake up smiling on Mondays? Or are you the TGIF (Thank God, it’s Friday) types? If the latter is true, then you are surely missing out a very important spice in your life called Passion!

Self confidence is a partner to passion. The moment you begin under-estimating yourself, your future goes for a toss. There may be many factors creating this roadblock like lack of encouragement, pressure of work, team issues, lack of opportunities, job becoming transactional, professional animosity, glass ceiling, forced changes and many more.

Communication is the key to most of the hurdles, be it intro or inter-personal. Putting passion into work shouldn’t be forced upon, but should come naturally with one’s own mindset. Innovation and a super-charged self drive can really boost one up!

The bottom line is – Life is too precious to waste awaiting the weekends; instead, create your own Passion Plan to re-ignite that urge to work towards your dreams. And if that plan adds on a role change, a new hobby, a new confidante, positive self talk or just a gear change to the way you think, go for it! Don’t let the fire burn out and thus, create your own road block to your future.

Just remember - Passion in what you do, brings along with it, all the necessary ingredients for a bright future, including the much needed garnish of good luck!

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