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Anagha Hunnurkar
Anagha Hunnurkar
Corporate Finance and Head Treasury, Janata Sahakari Bank
Anagha is an investment specialist having varied interests in corporate/ investment  advisor... more>>
"You have been created one of a kind - there has never been one like you and there never will be again" As I was reading this sentence, my world halted around me.. is it true? Is my life so significant? Or is it some figment of imagination, I pondered.

We move around in the world as one among 7 billion mortals with an embedded thought that no one is indispensable. You are nothing great. Irrespective of your participation, the world moves on or the show must go on is what we have grown up with. That the world is far from perfect and your existence is just another miniscule insignificant event in the evolution of the universe. It really does not matter. And now here is a line that shatters all these and boldly reiterates that my life is as significant as any other on the planet.

Everything matters-the book continues to state. I decide to take it on face value and dabble in it. Feels nice, I think to myself. Feels important. Suddenly the dwarf in me with all its doubts, fears and disappointments in life is smashed to smithereens. As I reason I realize that nature with all its glory has weaved a design and every pattern that it weaves is made of millions of us. Just think about it .It has been empirically proven that each human being has a distinct thumb impression that is unique and the buck does not stop here. Each person has hair that is unique and no other person can have a similar strand of hair. The same is true with the DNA the genetic code. Natures creativity is fathomless imagine having 7 billion and more (if we include those who have been dead and gone) distinct thumb impressions and hair fabric.So much diversity driven to perfection that each human palm is unique. And so if each one of us is unique it automatically follows that any efforts to standardize or classify into commonalities is just meaningless. The talk of the common man is a facade. Every quality in a human being is unique and perhaps symbolically expressed as 33 crore Gods and demigods in the Sanatan Dharma more popularly known as the Hinduism. As I write , I realize that as on 1st January 2012, at this moment the universe is not complete without me. Nature found it necessary to create each one of us as a divine design with a clear vision and focus. Although we may not know the divine intent and our role in it, we do know that each one of us is endowed and entitled to use the unique qualities within us to make life a meaningful journey. Just like the fingerprints, the spirit within, the thoughts, the feelings, the ability to reason and take action is inimitable.

When they say realize yourself, all one needs is to understand ones potential based on the unique qualities that one is born with and have the conviction to create. We need to kindle the spirit and keep it glowing despite the situation for it is these vibrations that would ultimately help you to change and create your own world. After all the butterfly effect manifests itself in the form of a tsunami. The vibrations from a butterfly flapping its wings at one end of the globe can result, through the permutations of the natures forces around, into a multiplier effect that can cause a tsunami at the other end of the globe. When we understand this, then every moment becomes a progressive step in lifes voyage.

As we welcome 2K12, let us all step in with this conviction, as the world is full of possibilities and options. All we need to do is to bring ourselves to realize the immense potential within and match it with the opportunities outside to create our own world.


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