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Wise Leadership in Turbulent Times

Aparna Sharma
Aparna Sharma
Country Head HR, Lafarge India
Aparna is a Post Graduate in Personnel Management & Industrial Relations (PM & IR) from t... more>>
High inflation and interest rates, Scams, falling growth rates, lower corporate earnings, negative sentiment, high fiscal and current account deficits and !! At times one feels so depressed by reading the morning papers that prefer to avoid them.  

Clearly a Leadership deficit exists. What must a leader do in these turbulent times? Find below some thoughts on how a leader could sail through turbulent times.

Reflect before your react. Before taking any decision, carefully evaluate the pros cons and consequences. This does not mean not going with intuition but think through all aspects.

While dealing with day to day issues, share your Vision with the team on where the business is headed. Be open to amending the vision in light of choppy waters.

During difficult times than ever before, it pays to be a good listener. Reach out to all both within and outside the organization especially customers and vendors; hear what they have to say. Reflect, discuss with the team and act.

Inculcate a spirit of curiosity, questioning, inquiry in your employees. It means that you are willing to challenge status quo. Such an approach might generate some path breaking ideas that could help tremendously in shaping the future.

Raise the performance bar for the team. Challenge them to exceed performance levels. At the same time-guide, support and empower them.

The team should feel that the Leader is in charge. If not, the team could drift aimlessly to eventually get demoralized.

Recognise and reward performance. Public recognition and appreciation of work is a big motivator.

Above all, lead from the front. If the team sees that the Boss is walking the talk, they will walk hand in hand to help the business excel even in turbulent times.

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