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Women Need to Try Unchartered Professions

Jijy Oommen
Jijy Oommen
Executive Vice President & Group Head -Technologies, Bajaj Capital.
Jijy Oommen is the Executive Vice President & Group Head, Technologies for Bajaj Capital. more>>
Conventionally, Women used to be seen suitable for certain fixed career options like Teaching, Health care, Hospitality, etc. The trend is changing now as many women are taking up a more non-traditional and previously male-oriented careers. Todays women have made their mark in every field, be it literature, arts, politics, sports, Corporate or any other sphere women are ready to take up challenges.

Women are also marking their presence in many un-chartered territories in the corporate industry like Information Technology, Research, Sales & Marketing, etc. The urban Women are largely taking the lead there. They have not left any field untapped. However the phenomenon of womens low participation in Information Technology (IT) and other traditionally male dominated occupations has been studied from various theoretical approaches and has been found that , with the wide spread of science and technology, the future will definitely see many women from semi-urban and rural areas come forward and take up such professions. A woman has the opportunity to work in any field she chooses, given her individual interests.

The upcoming professions like Information technology are one of the best career options for women. Presently there is a scarcity for skilled women resources who can take up roles like programmers, analysts, project managers, etc. The women with their inherent skills like persistence, multi-tasking, management & organizing skills can go up much faster in their careers.

While Information Technology is a more rewarding career option, it is equally challenging too. The trend shows women often quit this profession majorly due to the work life balancing issues. It is often seen that Women freelancers always find a harder time finding and retaining work than their male counterparts. Many of them lack confidence while proceeding for taking up projects because of which they get left behind. Most women are believed to be risk-averse and try to avoid situation which make them face risk since they want their work and life to go in a very calm and smooth manner keeping them hand in hand.

On the other hand, those who have made up to the corporate world find it tough to move up in the corporate ladder due to the lack of fair representation of Women leadership at the top management of many organizations and therefore, their voices often remain unheard. The gender disparity at the top level also.

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