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Shireen Alam
I have read a lot of articles that cover this topic, and frequently find the advice interesting a... more>>
One of the questions I get asked pretty often is how I balance my work, my children, my home, my ... more>>
Ramya S Sharma
As I got down to pen this piece went into flashback mode. What experiences have made me the profe... more>>
Looking back at my tenure of 13 years at Microsoft, I realize that there have been many instances... more>>
Many would like you to believe that. Most know it is not true.I am a working mother; I have often... more>>
Jermina Menon
In my 20year long career, I have spent 14years in advertising. The rest were in retail, bulk of t... more>>
A very long time ago I had read that it’s not about which ladder one climbs but it’s ... more>>
Nayana Prabhu
While all aspects of our life are important, without a balance you become addicted and like all a... more>>
Everyone wants to achieve a balance between their work and family life. But how do we do that? Ma... more>>
When I joined the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore in 2006 there were only a handful of w... more>>
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White Papers
While women have entered the work force in increasing numbers throughout the world... more>>
The 2010 Women Matter study provides a focused analysis on how to achieve gender d... more>>