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Kritika Dasgupta
As I started to pen down, I went into my past memories, my college’s day’s .Trying to... more>>
"You have been created one of a kind - there has never been one like you and there never will be ... more>>
Anagha Hunnurkar
Why don’t I realize that when I say yes to 5 work projects due in the same week that I am ... more>>
Contrary to the common perception, a large percent of women in India contribute to the workforce ... more>>
Around the clock, several things vie for my personal and work space. Family, work, deliverables, ... more>>
Vishnupriya Saksena
Disquieting, but true, it’s a fact that men continue to control boardrooms globally. And wh... more>>
From being a loving mother, a caring home-maker, and an understanding friend to an authoritative ... more>>
Anitha Lingala
Most women live out their usual days with the creative life a distant dream. Our hours are consum... more>>
All of us go through changes in our life and more so women, as we search for our identity and spa... more>>
As a childrens heart specialist with an upwardly progressive career graph, I seemed to the outsid... more>>
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White Papers
While women have entered the work force in increasing numbers throughout the world... more>>
The 2010 Women Matter study provides a focused analysis on how to achieve gender d... more>>