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Ashwini S Kumar
Every day, we keep hearing from women employees about how they juggle to meet family and office w... more>>
What does success mean to any woman? I believe that success is not just defined by promotions or ... more>>
Nivedita Jain
As an IT HR company, at Future Focus Infotech, we are witness to and often party to, the evolutio... more>>
Conventionally, Women used to be seen suitable for certain fixed career options like Teaching, He... more>>
We are surrounded by situations and factors which can anytime turn into big hurdles to our dreams... more>>
Shalini Guglani
Woman has a tendency to be ubiquitous with multiple roles to play. At any given time she can be a... more>>
God has created every Woman as Born Multi-Tasker and I personally feel that Multi-Skilling is the... more>>
Dr. Monika Suri
Working women still do housework – Isn’t that stating the obvious…? Whenever I... more>>
This article coming from a woman may surprise some women and irk quite a few. However, I believe ... more>>
The Indian Military Academy recently organized a workshop on “Spouse Training.” I had... more>>
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White Papers
While women have entered the work force in increasing numbers throughout the world... more>>
The 2010 Women Matter study provides a focused analysis on how to achieve gender d... more>>