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Reva Prakash
Vinta, an educated and accomplished lady, gave up a great job 13 years ago post marriage to a hig... more>>
At the outset, let me qualify that my comments are solely based on my personal opinion, personal ... more>>
Smriti Krishna
Every day I spend hours exploring the net, print media and other sources for gathering informatio... more>>
High inflation and interest rates, Scams, falling growth rates, lower corporate earnings, negativ... more>>
Consider the statistics. Approximately 50 percent of the world’s population is female. Yet,... more>>
Aarthi Rajaraman
Succession planning is a process of identifying, developing, managing and sustaining the high per... more>>
Despite years of progress by women in the workforce, the presence of women within the C-Suite rem... more>>
Dr. Sujaya Banerjee
It was a quiet afternoon, as almost the entire team was out for an offsite retreat. It had been t... more>>
In today's fast paced world, life changes in a flutter of an eyelid. As working women this may no... more>>
We always talk about 'Unity in Diversity' but are we following it at our workplace?I have worked ... more>>
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White Papers
While women have entered the work force in increasing numbers throughout the world... more>>
The 2010 Women Matter study provides a focused analysis on how to achieve gender d... more>>